Welcome to the Smithtown Pool Pass and Resident Cards Registration Center.

2 Year Resident Cards

(Must be purchased to receive resident discounts at the Pro Shop and the Pool.)

Card Rate
Junior (Age 2 - 12) $25.00
Adult (Age 13 - 61) $30.00
Senior (Age 62 and over) $25.00
Disabled / TOS Volunteer Firefighter / TOS Veteran $25.00
Entry Fees to Pool
Junior $5.00
Adult $7.00
Senior $5.00
Disabled / TOS Volunteer Firefighter / TOS Veteran $5.00
Guest (Accompanied by Resident) $10.00

*A convenience Fee of 2.65% of the payment amount with a minimum fee of $2.00 per credit card transaction or $2.00 fee for e-check.

**Fees will be applied once you reach the payment screen.

1 Year Seasonal Pool Passes

(No entry fees charged at Pool.)

Card Rate
Junior (Age 2 - 12) $85.00
Junior Child Of TOS Volunteer Firefighter \ Veteran $42.50
Adult (Age 13 - 61) $130.00
Adult TOS Volunteer Firefighter \ Veteran $65.00
Senior (Age 62 and over) $85.00
Senior TOS Volunteer Firefighter \ Veteran $42.50
Disabled $85.00


1 Year Seasonal Pool Pass - Family $340.00
Family Pass For TOS Volunteer Firefighter \ Veteran $170.00

Gather your Documents for Upload.

You will need to Upload A Photo of Applicant's Face, Proof of Residency, Proof of Age, and Proof of Disability (if applicable), Proof of TOS Volunteer Firefighter (if applicable), Proof of Veteran (if applicable) for each person you are purchasing a card for.

Proof of Residency:

  • Drivers License
  • Utility Bill
  • Property Tax Bill payable to Tax Receiver
  • TOS Rental Agreement

Proof of Age:

  • Drivers License
  • Birth Certificate

Proof of Disability:

  • Documentation from state

Proof of Status:

  • TOS Volunteer Firefighter ID
  • TOS Veteran ID

Please allow 72 hours to receive your Digital Card. Your receipt will be valid as proof of purchase for 72 hours after purchase. All information uploaded must be Verified and Approved before Digital Card will be issued.

Upon verification you will be emailed a Digital Card that can be downloaded to your phone to show at Golf Pro Shop and Pool Gate. For children without phones, cards can be stored on guardian's phone.

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